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Costa Blanca information

Costa Blanca VillasThe Costa Blanca is located within the Spanish provinces of Valencia and Alicante. Having wonderfully warm summers and temperate winters, it is the ideal location for holidays and retirement.

Recent years have seen considerable development of the Costa Blanca environment, resulting in a busy and thriving all year round community. A perfect place to live, for all.

The Spanish climate on this eastern stretch of coastline is famous for its sun drenched summer beaches and pleasantly clement winters. The urban areas are dotted with brilliant white villas, often decorated with bright red and pink bougainvillea. The countryside is famous for its snow-like pink and white almond blossom in February and for the fragrant orange blossom in April.

Local markets Avocados, nisperos, strawberries, melons, peaches and nectarines are just some of the locally grown fruit and vegetables available in the Costa Blanca towns.

A huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables is available from all the supermarkets, but if you venture into the local markets you will find everything at a fraction of the price.

Dining by candlelight! Who could tire of the gastronomical delights that are waiting for you in the Costa Blanca restaurants? Try the "Menu of the day" or an evening, dining by candlelight, listening to the Mediterranean Sea gently lapping at the shore!

restaurants on the Costa BlancaChoose between traditional Spanish or Valencian restaurants, the quality and variety of meat and seafoods is excellent. Or perhaps you would prefer French cuisine, or German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and even 'Good Old English!' The selection of international restaurants at all price levels caters for all tastes and pockets!

It is a great favourite of many local residents and holidaymakers alike, to drive inland to the country towns of Jalon, Alcalali or Parcent, for example, to enjoy a very reasonably priced Sunday lunch, accompanied,of course, by an excellent, local,Spanish wine.

Few people need an introduction to the immense variety of Spanish wines available, from under £2 a litre for a table wine, up to considerably more, for the discerning palate! Many wines are produced using locally grown grapes. You will notice hectares of vineyards during your travels through the Valencia and Alicante region.

schools in SpainEducation in Spain:

For young families coming to live on the Costa Blanca, there are many alternative choices of school. Couples with young children often choose to send their children to a Spanish school, where they will very quickly adapt and integrate into the Spanish system. Others prefer to select an English school education, which is readily available from a number of very good and well-established schools offering authorised courses from infant up to "A" level.